The human brain is actually quite simple.

This is a trick art using illusion.

It is said that the correction ability of the brain is causing optical illusions.

Even after understanding it, it is strange that the illusion will occur.

This time, you will experience a mysterious phenomenon such as “You will be deceived even if you understand.”

First, please see Van Gogh’s masterpiece “The Starry Night”.

This is a fantastic picture.

If you do the following, this picture will start to move.

Even if you think “I will not be deceived.”, you will be surprised.

Let’s enjoy such a magical experience!

Second, please see this video.

Please look at the red dot in the middle of this video for about 20 seconds.

Third, please look at this picture again as soon as possible.

How was that? This is just an optical illusion!

There are many things that can not be explained in the world.

This is one of them, don’t you think?

If you think “No way!”, please try again and again.

You will get lost in a maze.